Shortlisted candidates for the post of Project Support Officer

As per the approval of 543rd HRC Meeting held on 29/06/2022, the Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the result of the shortlisted candidates for the post of Project Support Officer, P5 B, UWICER Bumthang, Department of Forest and Park Services detailed below:

Sl. no. Name CID no. Remarks
1 Kinley Dorji 11312002519 Shortlisted
2 Tshering Zangmo 11504003904 Shortlisted
3 Sunita Uroan 11208004451 Shortlisted
4 Ugyen Dema 10605002052 Shortlisted
5 Rupesh Subedi 11805003701 Shortlisted
6 Lungten 11604001326 Shortlisted
7 Jambay Dema 11608003548 Shortlisted

Interview Schedule

Venue : HRD Conference.
Date : July 06, 2022
Time : 09.15 AM

Note: The above shortlisted candidates are requested to report for the Selection Interview as scheduled above with the following documents in original during the time of interview:

  1. CID Original.
  2. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate original
  3. Original Academic certificates
  4. Original work experience letter
  5. Other Certificates of Merit/Excellence/Experience if any

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