DoFPS Online Research Clearance System

The need for online research clearance system was felt with increasing numbers of researchers (bhutanese students, employees and foreigners) conducting various kinds of research in Bhutan. It is very important to maintain a proper channel for obtaining research clearance in-order to know whats kinds of researches has been carried so for and those in pipeline.

This system will not only help in maintaining database for research but will save the overal turn-around time, since the system has provision for application and tracking of your clearance.

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environmental Research (UWICER) being the premier environmental research institute in Bhutan, the Department of Forests and Park Services has assigned UWICER as the agency for issuing research clearance releated to Environment and Conservations.

  • Any individual, agency or organization intending to conduct research within State Reserved Forests, Protected Area, Community Forests and any other forest under management regimes shall seek approval from the Department in accordance with section ll(a) of the Act.
  • Any office under the Ministry intending to conduct research, shall seek approval from the designated institute of the Department and no permit fee shall be levied.
  • The research applicant shall apply in Annexure XII, to the designated research institute of the Department along with research proposal.
  • The Research Committee of designated research institute shall approve/reject the proposal and inform concerned CFO
  • The applicant shall be informed on the approval or rejection of the research proposal by the Research Steering Committee within two weeks from the date of submission of proposal.
  • Where the proposed research entails felling of tree, taking of Plant, Wildlife specimen and animal handling/collaring, the Research Committee shall further seek clearance from the Technical Committee of the Department.
  • Research permit shall be issued by the designated research institute of the Department as per Annexure XIII.
  • Upon completion of the research field work, a copy of the raw research data shall be submitted to the research institute of the Department.
  • A research permit fee shall be levied to the researcher as follows:
    1. Bhutanese Student: Free
    2. Bhutanese Individual other than student: Nu.5,000/-
    3. Foreigners: Nu.100,000/-
  • A research proposal should be attached along with the application and it should have followed the Proposal Format
  • After submitting the application, a PDF containing your application ID and few details of your application will be downloaded.
  • You can track the status of your application by clicking on the [Track Application] entering your application ID.
  • If your application has received comments, you can make the necessary changes and re-submit it.
  • Once the application is approved, the applicant will be able to download the permit.
The research proposal (in PDF) should be submitted in the following format:

  • Title
  • Principal investigator [Name, Agency and qualification]
  • Collaborator [Name and Agency]
  • Funding source [Mention secured or not secured]
    • Secured [Name of the funding agency]
    • Not secured [Mention where applying for grant]
  • Rationale [Please explain why you decided to undertake this work] – Limit to 1000 words
  • Study site [Please provide brief description of your study sites, including habitat and conservation importance and why it was chosen] – Limit to 300 words
  • Work plan [Describe the key activities and when it would be undertaken] – tabular format
  • Methods [Describe the research methods in detail. Also explain why it was chosen] – Limit to 1000 words
  • Ethical issues (If any) [In case of handling of wildlife /plant specimens are involved]
    • Yes
      • Animals
        • Coloring /GPS tagging/ Tissue samples/Trapping
        • Specimen collection
      • Plants
        • Specimen collection
      • Interviews
    • No
  • Expected output of the study [Limit to 300 words]
The proponent should submit the application at least a month before the commencement of the field work.

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